Posted on July 7, 2011

TD with Anne Simmering playing Trish

Heartland, a play about using so-called lonely hearts columns to find a new partner, is one of my hits. It began back in the 1990’s as a sort of commission. Famous Scottish director and friend, Mr. Robert Sian, wanted an original two-hander for he and his friend to perform together. I suggested a number of ideas and this one appealed to both him and Cecilia. I did some research and then wrote a rough outline. Robert and Cecilia came to stay with me and we worked on various characters incrementally during the quite short rehearsal period. A few weeks later we had a premiere. It went rather well. Robert and Cecilia toured the show for a number of weeks and then I took over with another actress, more than likely Helen Worsley, and what had been a sensitive, even quite moving little drama became in my hands a broad comedy.

Not too long afterwards I began directing the show in German under the title “Traumfrau Verzweifelt Gesucht”. More info under “Deutsche Stücke”.


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